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Powerful Electric Snow Thrower Heavy Duty with Chute Rotation


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Your Best Snow Cleaning Equipment In Winter!

Waste time and effort shoveling the snow by your hand in the blistering cold? We understand, with our powerful yet heavy duty electric snow blower, now you can clean your house, yards, driveways or sideway effortlessly!

This best snow blower has a powerful 15Amp motor that can easily clear a path with a width of 18 inches and a depth of 10 inches. Meanwhile, it can throw snow as far away as 26 feet snow throwing distance and leave you with a clean road or floor surface.

On top of that, the chute of this snow thrower can be rotated 180° by simply turning the hand crank. It allows you to freely adjust the direction of snow displacement. Besides, the chute deflector on the top can be easily raised or lowered to adjust the height of the snow stream to meet different needs.

Most importantly, our best electric snow blower is made of premium polypropylene materials and heavy duty steel plates to ensure long-term durability and stability. Our snow throw may also be used on your sideways, porches, walkaways, patios, gardens, backyards and other residential or public places! 


  • LARGE-SCALE AND EFFICIENT SNOW CLEARING – This best electric snow blower has a powerful 15Amp motor that simply throw snow far away and leaves you with a clean road or floor surface effortlessly. 
  • 180° ROTATABLE DISCHARGE CHUTE – By controlling the hand crank, this snow removal equipment allows you to freely adjust the direction of snow displacement up to 180°. The top part of the chute deflector can also be lifted or lowered to adjust the height of the snow stream to meet different needs.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE AND SAFE OPERATION – Our snow removal machine has an ergonomic handle bar, that allows users a secure grip when clearing. For safety reasons, the snow thrower can only be started by first pressing the switch button and then gripping the handle bar. It will automatically stop when you release the handle bar. 
  • HASSLE-FREE MOVEMENT AND TRANSPORT – With two large wheels and a built-in carrying handle, this electric snow blowing is easy to move and transport, allowing you to clear snow anywhere.


Material: Polypropylene, Steel 
Dimension: 40”(L) * 18”(W) * 38″(H)
Voltage: 120V/60Hz
Rotation Speed: 2200 RPM 
Motor: 15 AMP
Clearing Dimension: 18″(W) * 10″(H)
Throwing Distance: 10-26 Feet
Net Weight: 31 LBS
  • Ferrari Red
Package Includes:
  • 1x Powerful Heavy Duty Electric Snow Thrower with Chute Rotation
  • 1x Manual Guide Book



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