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Outdoor Stainless Steel Round Glass Tube 41000 BTU Patio Heaters


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Are you upset that you cannot enjoy your outdoor space with family and friends due to the cold weather? Worry no more! Our outdoor propane heater will ensure you the warmest winter for this year, and it will be the perfect companion for you to enjoy evenings on the patio or by the poolside during the winter, keeping you warm and comfortable

For a steady and fast heating, our best propane heater will be your best choice, it comes with a 41000 BTU capacity and will warm you in any position with 360° of full area. The heat reflective cover concentrates heat on the top and then radiates it. 

What’s even more? The simple ignition device which includes igniter button and variable-heat control knob makes this outdoor space heater easy to use. 


  • EFFECTIVE & FAST HEATING  Featuring 41000 BTU, this patio heater not only provides steady and comfortable warmth, but also heats up 360 degrees so that everyone sitting next to it will feel warm. In addition, the reflective cover helps the heat focus on the top and then spread.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY & OPERATIONOur fire sense patio heater features a simple push-button ignition for fast and simple operation, and a temperature control knob provides easy adjustability of both the height and intensity of the dancing flame. 
  • SAFETY DESIGN – A 20-pound gas tank provides extra stability and safety to this patio heater by adding weight to the base. The base can also be attached to the deck with screws. There is an automatic tilt valve and an automatic shutoff when the gas runs out on this patio heater. 


Material: Stainless Steel with Glass Tube
Dimension: 18″(L) * 20″(W) *72″(H)
Item Net Weight: 36 Ibs
Color: Silver
Heat Output: 41000 BTU
Fuel Type: Propane
Package Includes:
  • 1x Outdoor Stainless Steel Patio Heater
  • 1x Accessories Bag
  • 1x User Manual Guide


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