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Large Freestanding 24 Bottles Wine And Beverage Cooler Fridge


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Get Your Favorite Drinks Anytime, Anywhere!

Are you looking for the perfect wine fridge to store and preserve the taste of wine while giving a touch of class to your home? You’ve come to the right place as our wine cooler has everything you’ve been looking for!

Our wine cooler refrigerator comes with 5 spacious shelves, which can hold up to 24 standard wine bottles, allowing you to keep all of your favorite wine and beverages. Besides, with its air-tight closure, this wine and beer fridge maintains the perfect humidity level, ensuring that each wine bottle is kept at the right temperature.

Furthermore, the compressor technology that used in this wine cooler fridge is unaffected by room temperature or exterior heat sources. Hence, it retains your wine at a low temperature of 40℉ to 61℉, which is suitable for long-term storage. Plus, the LCD touch-button control panel on the wine cooler’s glass door allows you to freely adjust the temperature of the wine cooler fridge. It’s simple and straightforward to use!

Best part of all, our wine and beverages chiller fridge is extremely compact, you can fit on any tabletop, under cabinet or even built-in. Now, you can always have chilled wine ready for consumption by storing your favorite wine and drinks in our premium wine cooler!


  • QUIET OPERATION – Our wine and beverages chiller is equipped with an advanced cooling system that has high energy-efficiency. Keeping your beverages at the right temperature without making a noise and vibrations.
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE – Everyone has their own temperature preference when it comes to enjoying their favorite wine. The wine fridge has a LCD-touch panel that allows you to adjust the temperature and enjoy your wine just how you like it.
  • SPACIOUS CAPACITY – This wine cooler fridge offers a large capacity. It allows you to keep your favorite wine and beverages up to 24 bottles, so you will never run out of space.


Material: Metal, Stainless Steel, Glass
Dimensions: 17.7″(L) x 16.9″(W) x 29.1″(H)
Interior Dimensions: 14.1″(L) x 12.9″(W) x 25″(H)
Net Weight: 44.1 LBS
Capacity: 24 Bottles / 68 Liters
Amperage: 3.60 Amps
Voltage: 120V
Color: Pitch Black
Plug Type: US Plug
Package Includes:
  • 1x Large Freestanding 24 Bottles Wine And Beverage Cooler Fridge
  • 1x Manual Guide Book


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