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Intelligent Countertop Dishwasher 5 Mode with 6 Place Setting


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Looking for a powerful countertop portable dishwasher that can fully cleanse your dishes until they’re squeaky clean? If you’re sick of washing dishes by hand, arguing over whose turn it is and running short on time, then you’re in need of a dishwasher. But not everybody has space for a dishwasher in their kitchen. That’s where our compact countertop dishwashers come in.

Our compact dishwasher features 360-degree spray arms with 26 water ports. This dishwasher machine creates powerful flows of water spout, effectively removing the stains without a blind angle. All that you have to do is load dishes into the compact dishwasher, set the mode of cleaning, and let it do its job

Our small portable dishwasher is programmed with five different washing modes, specifically the intensive mode, ensuring that every dish will get cleansed without leaving any food residue. Included with a trusty dish rack that helps you organize the dishes while inside the mini portable dishwasher. 

This dishwasher machine has a large capacity to accommodate a total of 72 pieces of utensils, including a cutlery basket and a 6 place setting basket. Simply sit the dishwasher on your countertops, load it up, turn it on, and enjoy sparkling clean dishes.


  • 5 WASHING PROGRAMS – Our compact dishwasher features 5 washing modes (normal, eco, intensive, rapid, and fruit wash) to choose from according to different tableware and food residue. Spray arm at the bottom provides dishes with all-around and deep cleaning. And the water temperature can be as high as 149°F to achieve a disinfection effect.
  • HOT AIR PRESERVE FUNCTION FOR TRAVEL – You can leave the cleaned utensils in our dishwasher for 72 hours. During that time, the 158 °F hot air will circulate every 2 hours and keep the dish load dry and fresh. The hot air dry is not only for the preserve but in each cleaning cycle to evaporate the water and disinfect the dish load for health.


Material: Stainless Steel with PP and Glass
Dimension: 21.7″(L) * 19.7″(W) * 17.7″(H)
Item Net Weight: 46 Ibs
  • Black
Power Cord Length: 59″
Power: 870W
Voltage: AC 120V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Injection Pipe: 59″
Drain Pipe: 79″
Inlet Water Temperature: ≤120°F
Water Pressure: 5.8 – 145 PSI
Water Proof Level: IPX1
Capacity: 6 Place Setting
Package Includes:
  • 1x Intelligent Dishwasher
  • 1x Cutlery Basket
  • 1x Bowl Basket
  • 1x Injection Pipe
  • 1x Drain Pipe
  • 1x Ferrule
  • 2x Screw
  • 1x Sucker
  • 1x User Manual Guide


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