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Huge Outdoor 80-Gallon Compost Tumbler Bin with Fully Opened Lid


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Turn Your Waste Into Wealth Today! 

Are you constantly having trouble getting the compost materials out from your old smelly composters bin? Why suffer yourself when you can just get a good compost tumbler like ours to solve all your problems! Our best huge compost bin is designed to generate the most compost over time without a hitch.

Join thousands of our happy customers today who are composting all their daily waste with our outstanding compost bin!

Our roomy kitchen compost bin features 80 gallons capacity with all-around air-vented. This air vent holes allows air to directly enter into the composting materials,  aeration speeds up the composting process, which enables you to cycle more batches through our garden composter. Besides, a fully-opened lid makes it easy for you to dump any kitchen scraps and yard clippings into the bin.

Best part of all, this organic compost bin can turn the waste into garden food in just 6-8 weeks, or less if there’s hot weather, while improving the environment and boosting soil nutrition by reusing the innocuous scraps. Plus, it is made of premium polypropylene materials, which is very sturdy and durable, so you can use it throughout the seasons.


  • LARGE CAPACITY LOAD – Our best compost bin can load up to 80 Gallon of compost materials at once, so you don’t have to worry about the quantity. 
  • ALL AROUND AERATION HOLES – This compost container is surrounded with full aeration holes to provide excellent air circulation, so as to provide effective composting for you. 
    • ALL-WEATHER AND DURABLE MATERIAL – Our tumbler compost bin was constructed from premium polypropylene material, making it durable and weather-resistant for long-term outdoor use.


    Material: Polypropylene
    Product Dimension: 23.5″(L) * 23″(W) * 32″(H)
    Inner Capacity:
    80 Gallon
    Net Weight: 11 LBS
    • Dim Black
    Package Includes:
    • 1x Huge Outdoor 80-Gallon Compost Tumbler Bin with Fully Opened Lid
    • 1x Manual Guide Book


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