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Hose Crimper Manually Hose Crimping Tool Kit 4 Dies Air Conditioning Repaire


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  • Durable Crimping Tool: Our crimper is made of aluminum alloy material, ensuring its durability. Stamper hardness can reach up to 53 HRC to bear a large force. And it is equipped with 4 dies, size: #6 (5/16″), #8 (13/32″), #10 (1/2″), #12 (5/8″).
  • Manual Operation: The tool set is a comprehensive manual crimping tool. Though it has a light structure, it can give a large output force. The tightening screw can be easily screwed down with a wrench.
  • Instant Setup: Our manual crimper can be installed according to the following steps: First, select the appropriate die to insert, close the jaw and insert the pin, tighten the screw to crimp. Finally, you can get the hose crimped.
  • Lightweight & Compact: One-person operation saves your time and energy. Besides, the crimping tool kit is stored in a plastic toolbox, reducing the possibility of missing parts. It is compact and easy to carry.
  • Wide Application: The crimping tool has a base that can be mounted to a bench for easy use, or the base can be held by any vise. It is compatible with the project car’s AC lines, bead locking fitting, and A/C hose.
Dies #6 (5/16”); #8 (13/32”); #10 (1/2”); #12 (5/8”)
Dies quantity 4
Package size 13 x 12 x 5 inch
Gross weight 17 LBS


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