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Fryer Grease Bucket 6 Gal Oil Disposal Caddy Steel Fryer Oil Bucket w/Rust-proof Coating 22.7L Oil Transport Container


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  • 【6 GAL CAPACITY WITH FILTER BAG】- Our fryer grease bucket features a large capacity within its compact size. Measuring 11.2″ (28.5 cm) in diameter and 11.8″ (30 cm) in height, it can hold 6 gallons of oil, reducing the frequency of emptying the oil buckets. With its flat lid, it can be stacked up to save your space. Moreover, a filter bag is also offered, with which you can easily filter the impurities, suspended solids, and particulate matter in the oil.
  • 【PREMIUM STEEL MATERIAL】- Made of heavy-duty steel, about 0.02″ (0.6 mm) in thickness, our oil disposal caddy is not easy to deform and built to last. Both the outside and inside are equipped with coatings. The rust & corrode-proof blue exterior coating enables this fryer oil caddy to stand up to wears and tears. And the interior is covered with a food-grade coating, hygienic & withstanding high temperatures, with which you can store the oil in it at ease.
  • 【LOCKS FOR BETTER SEALING】- For a better sealing effect, this fryer oil bucket integrates three pieces of quick-lock clips on its top. You can fasten the lid tightly just by pressing down these lock catches. Besides, the cushion ring beneath the cover will also enhance the sealing performance. With this double assurance design, the fryer oil transport container will not spill when it is full of oil, which significantly facilitates the storage and transportation of the fryer oil.
  • 【DOUBLE HANDLES & CONNECTED LID】- Our deep fryer grease bucket is designed with 2 user-friendly handles. The top handle adopts stainless steel material and a non-skid treatment. It calls attention to easy lifting and hard to crack or break. The firmly attached side handle is convenient for moving and pouring the oils. Furthermore, the lid and the bucket are connected through a piece of hanging rope. The cover can be placed leaning against the barrel, saving your space.
  • 【APPLICABLE IN EXTENSIVE PLACES】- Constructed of durable material and designed in a compact size, this grease bucket for fryer is suitable for various places, including but not limited to restaurant kitchens, fast-food chains, hotpot restaurants, bars & grills, cafeterias, and public canteens, etc.
  • Specification

    Model 6 Gal Grease Bucket
    Color Dark Blue
    Material Steel with Rustproof Coating
    Capacity 6 Gal (22.7 L)
    Diameter of Grease Bucket 11.2 in (28.5 cm)
    Height of Grease Bucket 11.8 in (30 cm)
    Thickness of Grease Bucket 0.02 in (0.6 mm)
    Number of Lock Clips 3
    Product Weight 6.4 lbs (2.9 kg)


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