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Foldable Indoor Electronic Arcade Basketball Game Set With 4 Balls


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Are you looking for a fun sport for your family or friends to play? You can win points by shooting the balls through the hoop to accumulate points in our basketball arcade game machine. It will definitely be a fun game that will keep you entertained for hours. Hence, it comes with infrared optical sensors which provide accurate and fast scoring. With buzzers and sound effects, it creates a real arcade experience

There are eight games in our basketball arcade, so you’ll have a lot of fun and endless entertainment. You will find the detailed explanation of the 8 options in the manual, which will allow you to interact with up to four players.

Our arcade games combined with the arcade sounds, create an exciting and competitive atmosphere, making it more like a typical arcade game. By using an infrared-based censored scoring system, it displays real-time scores accurately. 

Our mini arcade game machine can be folded up by removing the latch pin. After folding, this sturdy iron basketball arcade machine saves space close to 50%, making it easier for storage. And this powder-coated iron tube-made machine is able to withstand continual use for years.


  • 2 BASKETBALL HOOPSThe dual shooting system with 2 big 12″ in diameter iron basketball hoops ensures multiple-player interaction. And there are 4 premium rubber basketballs included for instant fun when you receive this basketball arcade machine.
  • QUALITY MDF BACKBOARD – Using quality MDF board do of the backboard, it gives the basketball a good rebound base, making the shot more realistic. And the blocking nets on both sides help to prevent the balls from flying out, saving you time from picking up.


Material: MDF Panel with Steel Pole and Polyester Fabrics
  • Overall Depth: Front to Back – 80″
  • Overall Height: Top to Bottom – 81″
  • Overall Wide: Side to Side – 42″
Size of Backboard: 40″(L) * 30″(W) * 0.3″(H)
Diameter of Basketball: 6.7″
Package Includes:
  • 1x Foldable Indoor Electronic Arcade Basketball Set
  • 1x Scoring Display (Battery Not Included)
  • 1x Inflator
  • 2x Net
  • 2x Sensor
  • 2x Hoops
  • 4x Balls


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