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Digital Reptile Egg Incubator 25l Scientific Poultry Duck Egg Incubator 5-60°c


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  • 【DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL】- Temperature can be adjusted from 5°C to 60°C (36-140°F), providing a constant temperature incubation environment.
  • 【BRIGHT LED DIGITAL DISPLAY】- Current chamber temperature is displayed on the LED digital display.
  • 【LARGE CAPACITY & PORTABLE】- Having a roomy 25L chamber volume and with a built-in handle, the incubator is easy to move around.
  • 【CONVENIENT & DURABLE】- The power switch is located on the incubator and can be turned on or off during incubation. Visible PVC door for you to view the incubation conditions without affecting the incubation process.
  • 【WIDELY USE】- Incubator can be used as an incubator to transport reptiles or amphibians; it is the best choice for transporting animals that require constant temperature. Also, suitable for chicken, duck, geese, pigeon, etc. It is suggested for 21 days for incubating poultry eggs at 35-38 °C.
Voltage 110V AC,12V DC
cooling power 48W DC, 56W AC
Heating power 40W DC,52W AC
Internal Size W28 x D25 x H36cm(11″x9.8″x14″)
External Size W33 x D38 x H48cm(13″x15.1″x19″)
N.W. 6kg
G.W. 7kg


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