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BEST 2022 Advanced Underwater Gold Metal Detector For Adults And Kids




This is the best metal detector for a treasure hunting enthusiast to locate precious metals, golds, silver, jewelries and many more. Equipped with upgraded technology, the metal detector helps you search for different types of metals in both land and water.

Our advanced underwater metal detector is also efficient for detecting aluminum, copper and rare metals from any ground place that may have concealed them. There are multiple detection indicators installed on the white metal detector which notify with audio alerts when something is detected.

The waterproof metal detector is extremely lightweight and easy to use, making it suitable for both children and adults. In fact, our hot metal detector is fully waterproof and can be used directly in water, giving you the chance to look for treasure in shallow waters.

Best part of all, the durable material and waterproof technology makes the hand held metal detector long-lasting and highly effective. Have a blast looking for nickel, silver and gold by using the best metal detector 2021.


  • PORTABLE – Searching for precious metals and gold require a bit of traveling. Our gold metal detector comes with a bag for easy transportation to just about any destination.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE – The underwater metal detector features volume control and a adjustable stem between 35-45″. This allows you and your children to use the white metal detector as per your feasibility.
  • LARGE DETECTION RANGE – Our pinpointer metal detector has a large detection range between 3.5in to 8in underground. Making it the best metal detector.


Material:  ABS Plastic + Aluminum Alloy
Dimension: 16.26 x 8.82 x 6.85 inches
Net Weight: 2.68lbs / 1.2kg
Stem Length: Adjustable 35-45 Inches
Detection Depth: 8 Inches
Battery Type: 9V Alkaline Battery (150 Hours Usage)
Coil Size:  8 Inches
  • Black
  • Sky Blue
Assembly Required: Yes
Package Includes:
  • 1x Waterproof Metal Detector
  • 1x Shovel
  • 1x Carrying Bag

NOTE: Batteries are not included.


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