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Artisan Deluxe 7.5 Quart Portable Tilt-Head Food And Dough Stand Mixer




Are you looking for a great assistant in the kitchen? Check out our amazing beater machine which can be double as a pair of hands in your kitchen. Our cake mixer not only saves your arms from lengthy kneading sessions, but also plenty of time without causing any mess! 

Equipped with pure copper motor, our dough kneading machine mix ingredients efficiently while producing lesser noise. Not only works as a mixer for baking, it comes with dough hook, whisk and beater that enable you to make more variety of different food including heavy mixtures, medium-heavy mixtures and light mixtures.

Besides having a 660W powerful motor, our beater machine adapts 6 speed control and pulse function for different food processing requirements. Additionally, the 360 stereo design and 3 dishwasher safe attachment provides more even mixing and makes it ideal for many varieties of food.


  • POWERFUL MOTOR – Featuring a 660W powerful motor, making our stand mixer more efficient and faster in mixing food. This powerful yet quiet motor adapts a 6-speed control with a pulse function in order to meet diverse food-making requirements. Furthermore, the 360° stereo stirring makes the mixing process more even.

  • DISHWASHER-SAFE ATTACHMENTS – Our dough mixer machine allows you to mix more varieties of ingredients perfectly with the 3 multiple attachments. The dough hook is perfect for heavy mixture, the beater is designed for medium-heavy mixtures while the whisk is ideal for light mixtures such as cream, egg white and blancmange.

  • 7.5 QT LARGE CAPACITY BOWL – Package includes a 7.5QT stainless steel bowl that fulfill all your kitchen requirements. Our food stand mixer also comes with a detachable transparent splash guard with an ergonomic handle that not only assists you to add ingredients without making any mess or spills, but also scoop the ingredients out easily.

  • UNIQUE DESIGN – The tilt-head design and anti-slip design are what makes our mixer the best mixer for baking. The tilt-head design enable you to install and uninstall the bowl and other attachments easily while the anti slip suction cups firmly fix the mixer machine to the original position. It is very convenient to add ingredients, therefore saving you a lot of time and energy.

  • OVERLOAD PROTECTION SYSTEM – Installed with an overload protection system ensuring long service life and user safety of our bread kneader. If the appliance is overloaded or has been operating continuously for too long, the motor is protected from burning out by a thermal protector.



  • Body Frame: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Other Accessories And Equipment:  Stainless Steel
Item Net Weight: 12 LBS
Overall Dimension: 17.5″(L) * 9.5″(W) * 13.5″(H)
Mixing Bowl Dimension: 9″(L) * 9.5″(W) * 8″(H)
  • Gloss Black
  • Empire Red
  • Classic Grey
  • Oxford White
Power: 660W
Voltage: 120V 60Hz
Volume: 7.5 Qt
Package Includes:
  • 1x Stand Mixer
  • 1x Dough Hook
  • 1x Beater
  • 1x Whisk
  • 1x Bowl Cover
  • 1x Mixing Bowl
  • 1x Manual Instruction Guide


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