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Anti-Odor Best Portable Travel Toilet for Indoor and Outdoor


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A potty that feels like home!

Having a hard time searching for a place in the woods just to go potty? We have all been there, say no more to that with our anti-odor best portable toilet! It allows you to relieve yourself outdoors comfortably in the middle of the woods, making you and your family’s outdoor camping experience more enjoyable and convenient!

Thanks to its compact size, this travel toilet can be used both indoors and outdoors without taking too much space. It is perfect for camping, hiking, boating, and road trips, so it can provide all the comforts of a real home toilet. Now it can meet all your emergency needs and let your journey be more worry-free.

Other than that, you also don’t need to worry about waste and odor with our well-designed portable potty. It comes with a removable inner bucket and allows you to use it together with trash bags for effortless clean up. At the same time, it is equipped with inner and outer bucket lids that help you seal off the odors effectively and serve the purpose of keeping the air fresh.

Best part of all, this compact toilet is made from premium polypropylene materials, which are heavy-duty and stable to hold a maximum carrying capacity of 440 lbs without slipping. Meantime, the smooth, burr-free, comfortable and skin-friendly potty surface will gives you a maximum level of comfort. Invest now and feels like home!


  • LARGE CAPACITY INNER – Our space-saving travel potty has a large inner bucket that allows you to use it multiple times without having to empty it frequently. 
  • DETACHABLE TOILET PAPER HOLDER – The equipped toilet paper holder on one side of the camping toilet seat makes it easier to get paper towels.
  • PORTABLE HANDLES – This best camping potty has hidden handles on both sides, making the toilet potty easy to move and carry.


          Product Dimension:
          16″(L) * 19.5″(W) * 13.5″(H)
          Inner Dimension: 11.5″(L) * 13.5″(W) * 7.5″(H)
          Net Weight: 
          4.5 LBS
          Maximum Capacity: Up to 440 LBS
          • Gravity Grey
          Package Includes: 
          • 1x Anti-Odor Best Portable Travel Toilet for Indoor and Outdoor
          • 1x Manual Guide Book


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