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Adjustable Extension Legs for Drywall Bench Sawhorse Ladder – GypTool – Silver


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  • 4 Leg Extensions Only – For use with our Adjustable Height Drywall Bench
  • Built For Professionals – These heavy duty legs are in tempered and welded aluminum, yet are light for easy transport (Loose legs and steps – 12.8 pounds)
  • Adjustable Height – Increase maximum bench height from 30″, to anywhere between 34″-44″ (adjustable in 2″ increments)
  • No Tools Required – Existing bench legs are replaced with these extensions and the height is also quickly set using dual auto-locking pins on each leg
  • Walkup Steps – Extensions include two additional anti-slip, grooved side-steps that support almost 250 pounds each and simply slide into in-set holes on these extensions for easy walkup
  • Stable – The feet feature non-skid, anti-marring foot pads won’t damage finished floors

What’s included

  • 4 Leg extensions, each 33″ long
  • 2 Additional side steps for use with leg extensions


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