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39‘’ Clamp On Pallet Forks W/ Bar 1500lb Loader Tractor Heavy Duty


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  • 1500 lbs Loading Capacity: Working Capacity: 1500 lbs. These heavy-duty pallet forks can carry loads of up to 1500 lbs, so you can carry a wide variety of items. Attention: Please choose the right pallet fork according to your tractor’s bearing capacity and place the loads evenly at the back position during use.
  • High Compatibility: Overall Length: 43”. Forks Length: 30”. Fork Width: 2.75”. Fork Height: 1.97”. The 5/18” screw rod is for added strength. This tractor bucket fork is compatible with almost all loader bucket skid steer tractors. Perfect for moving materials, logs, lumber, firewood, hay bales, brush, and broken fences.
  • Easy To Assemble & Use: Simply Slide our forks inside and rotate the screw rod to clamp it down to lock tightly. Please make sure that the weight of the material you want to move plus pallet forks weight less than the capacity of the skid steer to ensure safety. (e.g., the skid steer has a 2,000 lbs lift capacity and the pallet forks weigh 300 lbs, the actual amount of the load could not exceed 1,700 lbs)
  • 19.7″-30.3″ Adjustable Width: By using an adjustable stabilizer bar to prevent your forks from spreading apart conveniently, you can get your desired distance when lifting debris. The stabilizer bar can be adjusted from 17″ to 31.5″.
  • Security & Thoughtful Design: Reliable welded steel adopted by our clamp-on bucket forks is rust-resistant. Thick and rectangular tube walls add stability. Also, chain holes and protection slots allow you to keep your loads right on the forks where they should be, ensuring security during work.
  • Specification

    Model C-1500LB
    Material Heavy Duty Steel
    Load Capacity 1500 lbs / 680 kg
    Overall Length 43″ / 1090 mm
    Fork Length 30″ / 750 mm
    Fork Width 2.75″ / 70 mm
    Fork Height 1.97″ / 50 mm
    Adjustable Stabilizer Bar 19.7″-30.3″ / 50-77 cm
    Weight 50 lbs / 22.4 kg


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