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2022 BEST 135OZ Mini Beer Kegerator Pressurized Growler Dispenser Kit




Are you sick of bad or flat beer? Being frustrated with those beer that doesn’t have carbonation or white form (head) after you pouring it? Great news! With our pressurized growler dispenser kit, it is ideal for any home-brew or draught beer kegging equipment enthusiast. With CO2 cartridges, our keg beer will remain fresh, flavorful and doesn’t generate any extra waste.

Enjoy Fresh Carbonated Beverages Anywhere
Our mini keg comes with detachable pressure regulator and faucet, this mini keg growler can stay pressurized for a longer time, maintaining the fresh taste of your craft beer and bringing you a lasting cool feeling

Adjustable Pressure Regulator
This mini beer keg comes with a pressure gauge, which reflected directly and clearly on the real-time pressure of the beer kegerator. Moreover, it supported PSI & BAR dual display. You can rotate the adjustment knob to regulate the flow of your beverage, enjoying a stable pressure output. 

Large Volume
Our mini keg beer growler dispenser features a liquid volume capacity of 135 Oz (4L), satisfying around 8 cups of fresh beer. With the compact size, it can easily fits in your home refrigerator or mini kegerator.



  • PREMIUM 304 STAINLESS STEEL – All parts of our draught beer dispenser kit adopt food-grade 304 stainless steel, which offers a clean and hygienic environment for your beer. 
  • COMFORTABLE USAGE – A threaded and no-leakage cap is available, which helps it be more reliable in sealing and is easy to grip. Hence, this outdoor kegerator can turn your keg dispenser system into a universal beverage storage can. 
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN – The compact design of our keg dispenser makes it a perfect fit in your refrigerator. Additionally, this mini kegerator have two hollow slots on both sides of the pressurized growler facilitate portability and there’s pressure-relieving ring for reducing foam for user’s convenience. 
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE REGULATOR – Equipped with an adjustable pressure regulator that let you monitor the real-time PSI of the kegerator and enable regulation on the flow of the beer tap system.

  • COMPLETE ACCESSORIES – The best part of our beer kegerator is that it includes a superior tap faucet that let you serve your guests efficiently with just a light press. Provided with a threaded stainless steel cap, not only can you keep beer fresh in our draft beer dispenser, it also allows you to use it as a large universal beverage storage can.
  • PERFECT FOR INDOOR & OUTDOOR – Our beer growler is an ideal sidekick for indoor or outdoor activities of all kinds with its compact size and exquisite design. 



Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Dimension Φ5.3″(D) * 16.5″(H)
Item Net Weight:  5.3 Ibs
Key Capacity:  135Oz (4L)
Beer Growler Thickness: 0.03″
Pressure Range: 0 – 2 Bar (0 – 30 psi)
  • Matte Black
  • Ruby Red
Package Includes:
  • 1x Mini Keg Growler
  • 1x Food-Grade Beer Hose
  • 1x Pressure Regulator
  • 1x Cap Spear
  • 1x Dispenser Tap
  • 1x Knob


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