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2-In-1 Electric Lawn Scarifier And Power Grass Dethatcher W/ 40L Bag


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Feels irritated by thatch ruining your efforts to maintain a vibrantly green garden? Utilizing the right tool for a solution is always important, that’s why you need our electric lawn dethatcher!

Our lawn aerate was created devotedly for the convenience for both user and environment. Not only our lawn dethatcher was designed to remove every layers of debrigs efficiently on your lawn, it helps the soil to aerate. Besides being environmental friendly as a fuel free machine, it creates lesser noise compared to bulky gas power dethatcher that causes unbearable noise at 95 dB (decibel). 

Our dethatching machines are easy to be operated and don’t require regular maintenance. It is designed with large collection bag where it can collect and store up to 40 liters of dead grass easily. This collection bag also makes it convenient for the user to just dump out all the unwanted debris. Beside that, with the absence of gas engine, the only necessary maintenance on electric dethatcher is cleaning. 

Comes with powerful motor and refined blades, obstacles like tough grass and stems would not be a problem at all! Our grass dethatcher even has three levels of cutting heights for gardening maintenance. Better yet, our thatch machine is equipped with large front wheels for better maneuverability thus reducing back and shoulder strain.


  • DURABLE – Built with selected material which are polypropylene and steel for the structure and cover that makes our power dethatcher extremely durable. Can withstand more than regular use and with its wear-resistant cover, it can resist high temperature at all time.

  • SAFE OPERATION – As the yard dethatcher is equipped with refined blades at one end, user’s safety always comes first. Our dethatcher is equipped with dual security switch where extra safety is implemented before and after operation. Before pulling on the lever to power up the dethatching machine, simply press the safety button.

  • ERGONOMIC – Designed for user’s comfort where our yard dethatcher comes with an ergonomic handle and large front wheels that provides firm grip and mobility on the machine. These features are capable of relieving fatigue and reducing muscle strains from long working hours.


  1. Open the polypropylene cover and loosen the screws on the cylinder.
  2. Replace the cylinder with according to your use purpose.

  3. Adjust the depth of the cutting heights that you desire.

  4. Simply press power button to start the operation.


  • Body Structure: High Durable Steel
  • Cover Protection: Polypropylene 
Dimensions: 40″(L) * 20″(W) * 40″(H)
Item Net Weight: 20lbs
Scarifying Width: 13″
Grass Collection Bag Capacity: 40 Liters
Voltage: 120V
Frequency: 60Hz
Rated Power: 12A
Rated Speed:  3000 Revolutions Per Minute
Package Includes:
  • 1x 2-In-1 Electric Lawn Scarifier And Power Grass Dethatcher W/ 40L Bag
  • 1x Grass Removing Blade
  • 1x Scarifier Blade
  • 1x 40L Collection Bag
  • 1x Screw Bag
  • 1x Manual Instruction Guide


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