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115-127v Ac Bottled Water Dispensing Pump System Replaces Bunn Excellent


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  • 【BOTTLE WATER PUMP】- This 110V water dispenser pump system is ideal for 3-6gallon water bottles. The water pump has a maximum pressure of 40 PSI (2.8 bar) and delivers water under pressure to an individual drinking water faucet, providing hot or chilled water anytime.
  • 【EASY FOR INSTALLATION】- The bottled water dispensing pump comes with a quick-connect port to speed up the installation and replacement of suction and discharge tubing and compact size for easy mounting. A universal seal cap fits most water containers, and four mounting holes help to install as you need.
  • 【RUBBER FEET FOR LESS NOISE】- The bottle water pump is equipped with noise dampening rubber feet to minimize noise pollution, which can protect your ears from damage and provide you with a quiet environment. We recommend that you use four screws to screw it onto a wall to make it even quieter and reduce vibration.
  • 【LARGE FLOW RATE】- The water pump dispenser can pump up to one gallon of water maximally, which can quickly and easily fill anything you need. The Built-in check valve prevents backflow and fits a variety of bottles. Thermal protection prevents overheating, protecting the pump and control box from damage.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATIONS】- Our water pump dispenser will deliver the water into the inlet of a refrigerator for the ice-maker and chilled drinking water tap. It is perfect for coffee/tea machines, water dispensers, refrigerators, ice makers, and anywhere else, on-demand water supply is needed. It can meet all your needs.
  • Specification

    Flow Capacity 1 Gallon/min
    Rated Power 35W
    Maximum Pressure 40 PSI (2.8 bar)
    Operating Pressure 30 PSI
    Hose Outlets 20 ft/1/4 in
    Net Weight 6.4 lbs/3.5 kg


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