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100mm Magnetic Tumbler Jewelry Polisher Finisher Diamonds Time Control Machine



  • 【DURABLE & RELIABLE MATERIAL】- The jewelry tumbler made of tough polycarbonate, has the leak-proof function and long service life. Roller size: 4.41″×3.94″, Capacity:4.17″×37.4″ / 0.838L / 838g, Speed: 2000 rpm, Time control: 2-30 minutes, Burnishing pins: 100g #5.
  • 【POWERFUL PERFORMANCE】- The mini magnetic tumbler utilizes its unique magnetic field distribution, resulting in a strong and stable magnetic effect. Compared with the polishing machine with the general unidirectional magnetic field, the magnetic needle and workpiece friction rate increased several times.
  • 【FLEXIBLE ADJUSTMENT】- The jewelry polisher tumbler with bidirectional rotation and timer from 2-30 minutes. It can realize multi-angle full grinding of the workpiece, quickly getting rid of rust, removing dead angle, and removing the fur burr. Especially for the complex shape, porous cracks, internal and external threads, it won’t damage the workpiece’s surface and affect the accuracy. Make the workpiece smooth and clean immediately, giving it a new look.
  • 【USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN】- The bottom of the jewelry tumbler machine adopts wear-resistant rubber pad: non-slip, stable & shock-proof. A solid base ensures stable & reliable running, and the fuse can effectively avoid accidents.
  • 【VARIOUS APPLICATION】- It is suitable for grinding and polishing nonmetallic parts such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, iron, stainless steel, rigid plastics, and other precision parts.


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