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1000w Grid Tie Inverter 110v Use For 12v/24v Solar Panel Pure Sine Wave Inverter



  • 【PREMIUM QUALITY】- Grid tie inverter adopts aluminum alloy shell, heat, cold-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and not easy to rust. The additional copper wiring lug can effectively reduce the short circuit and other weak DC connection faults.
  • 【EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE】- Solar grid-tie inverter has the function of maximum power point tracking. It will detect the solar panel’s voltage and current in real-time and keep tracking the maximum power point to charge the battery with the maximum power.
  • 【HIGH-SPEED COOLING FAN】- The grid-tie solar inverter features a built-in intelligent temperature-controlled cooling fan. When the machine’s internal temperature reaches a certain level, the fan will rotate and effectively reduces the operating temperature.
  • 【FULLY SAFETY PROTECTIONS】- The solar tie inverter applies the LED indicator to remind the user of the inverter’s running status promptly. Multiple intelligent security protections ensure the inverter to be fully protected in the process of use.
  • 【PARALLEL INSTALLATION】-The inverter uses the parallel design of DC input and the modular design of solar micro-inverter, which is easy for system configuration, flexible for combination, strong expansibility of system. It is a key device of power generation systems.
Rated Power 1000Watt
Solar Panels 36cells-Vmp
DC Input Range 10.8-30VDC
MPPT Voltage 15-22VDC
DC MAX. Current 70A
AC Output 115VAC(90-140VAC)
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz(Auto control)
Power Factor >98%
Working Temperature -20℃-65℃/-13℉-149℉
Working Humidity 0%~90%RH non-condensing
Waterproof Indoor design
Display LED
Cooling Fan-cooling
Stand-by Power <1W
Protection Islanding, Short-circuit, Converse Connection, Low Voltage, Over Voltage, Over temperature Protection
EMC EN61000-6-3
Grid Disturbance EN 50178+EN 62109-1+VDE0126-1-12
Grid Detection DIN VDE 1026 UL1741


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