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1.9cu Ft Drying Oven 9 Cfm 2-stage Vacuum Pump 133pa Digital 1400w Power 5 Tray


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  • Features & Details
  • 【EXCELLENT QUALITY】- The easy-to-clean stainless steel liner has excellent durability and easy maintenance; the rectangular cavity ensures the maximum sufficient volume; the vacuum pump is compact and easy to carry.
  • 【INTELLIGENT PID CONTROL】- Vacuum drying oven uses microcomputer temperature controller, High-performance MCU-based temperature controller with advanced PID algorithm to maintain temperature uniformity (+/- 1 °F) from low temperature to 480 °F (ca. 249 °C). Large LCD screen display, able to show multi-group data. The menu-style user interface, easy to understand and operate.


Vacuum Drying Oven
Input 110V
Power 1400W
Temperature Ratio 0.1℃
Temperature Variation +/-0.5℃
Degree of Vacuum 133Pa
Chamber Size 16.3 X 14.5 X 13.5″
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Vacuum Pump
Input 110V
Gas Exhaust Speed 4L/S
Ultimate Pressure 6X10-2Pa
Rotating Speed 1400rpm
Gas Inlet Port Size φ19
Oil Volume 550ml
Motor Power 0.55KW
Sound 70db


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