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Waste Oil Drain Tank Portable Oil Drain 20 Gallon Air Operated Drainer


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  • 【20 GALLON CAPACITY】- This oil drain tank has a capacity of 20 gallons and can collect waste oil from 8-10 cars. It features air operated working principle, and this waste oil drain can empty the waste oil from the fuel tank in a short time. Great for draining, transferring, and evacuating oils and fluids.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT】 – The oil drain has a wide range of adjustable heights, 38″ to 65″ for draining fluids from vehicles on lifts. It can correctly complete the work of collecting car waste oil. Suitable for factory, auto repair shop, and home use.
  • 【STABLE MOBILITY】- Our oil drain pan is constructed with two 4.5″ rigid wheels and two 2.76″ swivel casters for maximum mobility and maneuverability. It would be more flexible in the working space and can be moved from place to place easily.
  • 【LARGE DIAMETER FUNNEL】- The oil drain pan is designed with a funnel shape, which diameter is 15″. The big pan is perfect for transferring oil and effectively prevents waste oil from spilling. The 5.7′ oil drain tube is high temperature resistant and great for convenient draining.
  • 【WELL-DESIGNED DETAILS】- You can control the air intake volume through the ball valve. The oil drain tank features an accurate pressure gauge. You can quickly know the air pressure in the tank. With the ergonomic handle, our oil drain tank is comfortable to use. Built of premium steel with powder coated surface, the oil drain pan is sturdy and rustproof.
  • Specification

    Model 917
    Tank Capacity 20 Gallon / 80 L
    Oil Tank Size 23.62” / 60 cm
    Funnel Size 15.16” / 38.5 cm
    Height Adjusts 38”-65” / 98-165 cm
    Evacuation Drain Hose 5.7′ / 1.75 m Length
    Hose Diameter 0.59” / 15 mm
    Rigid Wheel Size 4.5” / 11.5 cm
    Caster Size 2.76” / 7 cm
    Working Pressure 43.5 PSI
    Max. Pressure 58 PSI


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