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VOGUE Toddler Scooter Adjustable Height Kids Kick Scooter





As a parent yourself, you’ve probably seen or heard about balance scooter. This small and easy to use balance scooter is taking over from training wheels as the popular choice for first-time riders. Here’s why thousands of parents love and introduce our kick scooter to their children for the joy of biking. 
Our scooter is the best way to train your children for better muscles strength, self-confidence, decision-making and motor skill development.

Your Child Safety is Our #1 Priority

Learning and developing a sense of balance is key to your child’s development. The most amazing thing about our kick scooter is that it can go on any surface, including flat roads, grass, and also uneven surfaces. Your child will stand upright and balance with one leg confidently while kicking with the other leg safely! 

Golden Iron Triangle

Our three-wheel kick scooter is combined with the dynamic principle and constructed in a triangular, sturdy structure that avoids the risk of rolling and flipping. Most importantly, it provides a quiet and smooth riding experience for your kids, while also providing a sense of safety for you as a parent.

Anti-Collision Belt

Our baby scooter is equipped with a high-quality bumper strip that will effectively protect your children from injury while having fun and it will definitely be suitable for your child growing adventurers.

Super Secure & Comfy Grip

You will never hear your kids complain about sore hands after riding for a long time. Our folding scooter comes with textured, durable rubber and a handle grip that offers a non-slip, comfortable tactile sensation for your little one’s hand. 

Lean-To-Steer Technology

Our folding scooter comes with lean-to-steer technology, it will controlled by gravity learning steer rather than turning the steering wheel, which will helps your kids to learn how to self-balancing, etc. 


  • DEVELOP GROSS MOTOR SKILLS – Balance bike is a great tool to help a child develop their gross motor skills. This includes learning how to balance and knowing the essence of coordination of their entire body and will helps your child to develop core muscle strength. 
  • LED FLASHING WHEELS – Our toddler scooter completes with two large flashing LED light on front wheel and small rear wheels. The baby 3 wheel scooters will glow when roll and is bright enough to see even during day. 
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE – Our height-adjustable scooter handles extend to 31.1 inches and are equipped with buttons to make height adjustment as easy as possible through 3 pre-determined height options. We usually recommend a child’s height between 31.5-70.9 inches.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – This compact scooter is light enough to carry, fits in the trunk of a car, and is fairly easy to store. You can bring it to the playground or to a local park conveniently.


MATERIAL: PP with Aluminum Alloy 
DIMENSION: 25.1″(L) * 12″(W) * 27.1″(H)
  • Black with Peridot
  • Grey with Blue Jay
  • Seat: 1 – 3 Years Old
  • Standing: 3 – 14 Years Old
  • 1x Vogue Toddler Scooter


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