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VEVOR Tree Climbing Spike Set Pole Climbing Spurs W/ Security Belt & Foot Strap


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  • Steel Construction: The tree climbing spikes are made of high-strength steel to withstand a weight of 220 lbs, rust-proof, and wear-proof for long-lasting outdoor use. And the claws are sharp and hard enough to ensure secure and efficient puncture to climb a tree.
  • Quality Straps: Our climbing spurs come with polypropylene fiber straps, which are sturdy enough to avoid breakage. And the metal buckle design makes it easy to wear and move spikes. In addition, the strap is adjustable to fit your legs.
  • Ergonomic Design: The pole climbing spikes feature adjustable height and thicken ergonomic EVA leg padding to fit your leg shape, improving comfort. Besides, the foot pedal is wide and thick to support your feet strongly. Just fix the spikes to your legs, and enjoy your climbing work anytime and anywhere you like.
  • Complete Accessories: The tree climbing spike set includes a pair of ankle straps, a pair of foot straps and a security belt, providing you with extra protection during the climbing work.
  • Multiple Applications: Our climbing spikes are designed for climbing trees or poles, suitable for fruit picking, logging, jungle survival, hunting observation, etc. It is suggested to practice until you are skilled in using the spikes before climbing higher and wearing other protective equipment.
Model SS-SDC-004
Frame Material 45# Steel
Straps Material Polypropylene Fiber
Load-bearing Capacity 220 lbs/100 kg
Height 15.3 in/39 cm
Foot Pedal Width 4.3 in/ 11 cm
Product Weight 5.5 lbs/2.5 kg


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