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Vevor Drainage Trench Driveway Channel Drain Kit Plastic Grate-5.8″x3.1″-5 Pack


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  • Various Outlet Connections: Each trench drain provides end outlet, side outlet, and bottom outlet with multiple sizes. No outlet connector is needed because it is already built-in; thus, the pipe can be connected directly.
  • Easy & Quick Installation: To fit your need, you can connect these trench drains together for extra length. The channel-to-channel connection provides an easy and fast installation. Meanwhile, the interlocking design connects the drains tightly with no potential leak of water.
  • Detachable Metal Grates: Specially designed grate offers you an easy way of cleaning. This 201 stainless steel grate can be installed manually, needs no screws or bolts. Thus, it can be installed and detached easily, which provides a convenient way to clean the drain if it is bunged up.
  • Durable HDPE Plastic: Sturdy HDPE plastic creates a hard and durable structure. It holds up to 6600 lbs, and it is suitable for cars. The HDPE plastic provides a smooth interior surface, which allows faster water intake. Ideal for gardens, pools, walkways, and so on.
  • Complete Packing List: This trench drain kit comes with three drains with built-in side outlets and bottom outlets, three plastic grates, and three end caps with built-in end outlets. Plus, the outlet connector is already built-in. All the accessories that you may need are included
Model PSG100*45*5M
Material HDPE Plastic
Color Black
Load Rate 6600 lbs
Amount 5 Pack
External Item Dimensions 147x80x1000mm / 5.8″x3.1″x39″
Internal Item Dimensions 110x45x1000mm / 4.3″x1.8″x39″
Item Weight Each 2.48 kg / 5.5lbs
Maximum Working Temperature 120℃ / 248℉
Minimum Working Temperature -40℃ / -40℉


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