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Turkey Chicken Plucker Plucking Machine Poultry De-feather Stainless Steel #50 S


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  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL】- Made of high-quality stainless steel and finely polished for solidity and durability, it is chlorine- and salt water resistant, and thus highly durable long time to use.
  • 【POWERFUL & QUICK DEFEATHERING】- 106 individual rubber fingers naturally and gently remove feathers dirt/grime from the skin of the bird.The chicken plucker is built to handle feather removal in as little as 10-30 seconds. Handle up to 2-4 chickens in one spin.
  • 【EFFICIENT & SAFE OPERATION】- Simply grab a garden hose, turn on the plucker, add a bird, spray water into the drum, and a few seconds later you will have a perfectly plucked bird, ready for further Processing and packaging, as little as 10-30 seconds.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN & TRANSPORT】- A removable high quality stainless steel drum along with efficient motor make cleaning a breeze and maintenance minimal. The compact size allows for efficient storage while the solid rubber wheels give the user the convenience to get to and from the job.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- This plucker is great for plucking chickens, Bantam chickens, turkey, guinea fowl, etc. It is ideal for use in the farming industry or even in an abattoir business.
  • Specification

    Voltage 110V/60HZ
    Material 430 Stainless steel
    Current draw 1500w
    Motor speed 275r/min
    Capacity 2-4 Chickens a time
    Barrel thickness 0.6mm
    Panels thickness 0.3mm
    Glue stick 106 (56 on the barrel, 50 on the chassis)
    Tub’s Diameter 20″ (500mm)


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