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Smart Touch LCD Multi-Functional Air Deep Fryers 3.5L


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Satisfy All Your Imagination & Cravings About Food Today!

Air Fry gives the hot circulating air close to the food make it crispy and amazing. Heating leftovers. The air fryer is perfect for reheating foods to get a crispy texture: pizza, chicken tenders or anything that could use quick crisp without turning on the big oven.


  • Anti-scalding handle: concave experience, matte and fit grip, thick and firm design
  • Strictly selected quality non-stick coating materials, cleaning is very convenient and fast
  • Grease trap: non-welded one-piece high-precision design, easy to filter grease, once washed
  • The original intention of the air fryer: No frying, no burden on low-calorie diet
  • Small footprint and large capacity: round and cute, 3.5L gold capacity
  • Gilt blue tide and whirlpool Embellishment: female favorite, male suitable
  • Technical support design: Four rings surround the heating tube, 3D stereo hot air circulation technology


    Dimension: 27cm(L) x 31cm(D) x 33cm(H)
    Weight: 8.15lbs (3.7kg)
    Capacity: 3.5L
    Voltage: 220V
    Power: 1400W
    Frequency: 50Hz
    Plug Type: US Plug
    Operation Mode: Touch Intelligent Heating Power
    Maximum Timing 60 Minutes
    Oil Trap Size: 21cm x 18cm
    Inner Pot Size: 23cm(L) x 22cm(D) x 11cm(H)
    Package Includes:
    • 1x Air Fryer
    • 1x Manual Guide Book


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