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Safety Climbing Harness Rock Climbing Gear Rappelling Floor Escape Tower Climber


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  • 【High Strength Polyester】- The safety harness fall protection is made of excellent high strength polyester material. It is anti-scratch and remarkably tough. The steel buckle on the back features anti-rust and is not easy to be broken.
  • 【1764 LBS Weight Capacity】- This safety harness fall protection kit has a large weight capacity of 1764 lbs/800 kg, which will meet most of your needs while using it.
  • 【Full Body Cover】- The full body safety harness is designed as an entire body protection system. This style of the harness can distribute the force of falling into the whole body to reduce damage.
  • 【Adjustable Size & Easy Storage】- You can put on and off this construction safety equipment very easily and quickly. The adjustable buckle can help you adjust to your best comfort. While finishing using it, pack it into a small bag.
  • 【Wide Application】- As personal protective equipment, the harness safety construction is widely used for construction, gutter cleaning, roofing, search and rescue. It is a very wise choice to use it for your safety and protection.
Material Polyester webbing with alloy steel hardware
Tensile strength >22 KN (5000 lbs)
Worker capacity About 1764 lbs/800 kg
Color Black and Red
D-ring 1pc rear D-ring
Feature 5-point adjustable design


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