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Runner Black Leather Jacket For Men




Tired of buying bad leather? Try us, recommended by every leather enthusiast. Introducing our Runner Black Leather Jacket; one-of-a-kind showstopper that’s turning heads created by hand with passion and love.

Our premium crafted faux leather jacket are renowned for its signature durability, soft and comfortable material providing you a genuinely high-quality feeling of a real leather jacket. It will definitely be one of your favorite items of clothing and can even be an heirloom.


  • Our Runner Black Leather Jacket is much cheaper and affordable compared to real leather.
  • The premium designed of the leather jacket made it highly versatile, and it can be polished to have a high gloss or matte finish as per requirements.
  • Compared to real leather, our faux leather jacket requires very little maintenance. 
  • Doesn’t crack easily and is stain resistant. 
  • Doesn’t fade easily and is also UV resistant.



The material used to make this leather jacket is stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned with just a wipe from a non-abrasive cloth soaked in lukewarm water. However, if the stain is more persistent, it is recommended to use water and washing liquid mixture to remove the stain. Cleaning should be done softly, and the cloth must be wrung before cleaning to eliminate extra solution. It helps remove grime, dirt, and build-up of debris on the surface of faux leather. Let the faux leather air dry after being wiped gently with a dry soft fiber cloth. Ensure that soap is removed completely from the surface before letting it air dry.


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