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Rubber Loading Dock Rubber Curb Ramp 5 Ton Car Ramp


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  • Durable Rubber Material: Our 3.7″ height curb ramp is constructed from durable and high-quality rubber materials. It features wear-proof and weather-proof material for long-lasting use against harsh weather conditions. Large Load Capacity: 11000 lbs/5 T. Therefore, It is an excellent tool to help your vehicles get over curbs smoothly.
  • Textured Surface: Rough textured surface design, this threshold ramp increases friction to ensure security. The tilt angle is reasonable which enhances traction, helping vehicles get over steps effortlessly. Moreover, thanks to its shock absorption and noise reduction function, it can weaken the impact of any vehicle.
  • Stable Grid Structure: This rubber car curb ramp has a hollow grid at the bottom, enhancing the supporting force and getting rid of sliding efficiently. In addition, two sides of the ramp are specially designed with grooves to avoid water accumulation.
  • Portable & Easy to Install: Each piece has reserved holes on both sides for mounting multi-pieces together. It is designed to stay put, so there is no need to drill holes on the ground. As it has a compact size, it is convenient to carry and store anywhere.
  • Wide Application: The portable curb ramps have a variety of uses. It is suitable for the curb, driveway, home garage, loading dock, etc. In addition, it enables your cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV, bikes, trailers, or other vehicles to easily transition to an elevated surface.
  • Specification

    Model Curb Ramp 3.7in
    Material Rubber
    Number 1 Pcs
    Color Black
    Load Capacity 11000 lbs / 5 T
    Length 35.4 in / 89.8 cm
    Width 10 in / 25 cm
    Height 3.7 in / 9.5 cm
    Net Weight 25 lbs / 11.3 kg


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