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Professional 7.5 Tons Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter Machine


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There’s nothing like building a fire with logs you’ve gathered from the surrounding areas of your home. Our log splitter was made to effortless split logs into pieces that would perfectly fit in your fireplace or in your outdoor fire pit.

If you have been trying to cut wood with maul splitter, you need our Professional 7.5 Tons Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter Machine. It allows you to cut the wood into the required sizes.

There are two big 6″ wheels that allows you to carry it around easily. With a built-in-log cradle, the logs remain safe. The electric splitter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. The stable and durable steel construction of the log splitter ensures a long life-span on the item. 

The firewood splitter is extremely safe to use with its two-point breaking operation that allows you to stop it immediately when needed. This way, you can freely split your logs with the hydraulic wood splitter without worrying about getting into small accidents. 

Moreover, this electric wood cutter is equipped with 3HP electric motor, ensuring the best results for you. You can easily split hundreds of pieces of wood within half an hour which will give you enough firewood for every day of the month.


  • HEAVY-DUTY – Our electric log splitter may be compact in size but it is packed with 7.5 tons of splitting power. With this strength, it makes splitting thick logs look like a hot knife cutting into cold butter.
  • EASY TRANSPORTATION – Our electric log splitter is equipped with wheels, making it extremely easy to carry around. This will save you from having to carry each log of wood to your log splitter, making the whole process very convenient.
  • SPEEDY OPERATION – The electric wood cutter gives you smooth cutting, with just a press of a button, you’ll be able to power up the wood splitter and get started on splitting big chunks of wood.


Material: Steel
Dimension: 40.5″(L) x 10.6″(D) x 16.1″(H)
Net Weight: 99lbs / 45kg
Packing Size:  42.5″(L) x 12.8″(D) x 20.5″(H)
Package Weight: 110lbs / 50kg
Cutting Style Horizontal Cutting
Splitting Methods:
  • 2 Ways
  • 4 Ways
Cycle: 15 Seconds
Working Voltage:  115V / 60Hz
Motor Power:  3 HP
Protection Level: IP54
Splitting Diameter: 0.2-15.8 Inches
Max Tonnage: 7.5 Tons
Maximum Log Length: 22 Inches
Wheel Size: 6″ x 1.5″
Package Includes:
  • 1x Log Splitter Machine
  • 2x Rubber Wheels
  • 1x Front Bracket
  • 1x Screw Set
  • 1x Manual Guide Book


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