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Premium Stationary Exercise Spinning Bike – Indoor Cardio Bike Machine


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Looking for the perfect indoor cardio bike machine? Get your muscles and limbs moving with this excellent cardio workout machine by engaging your core muscles and strengthens your lower body. Our exercise bike will definitely provides you a satisfying workout session without needing to step out from your house. 

This stationary bike comes along with a equipped smart LCD screen to measure and monitor the speed, distance covered and most importantly stating how much calories you have burned throughout your entire paddling session. 

Right below the LCD screen of this workout bike, there’s also a sturdy mount for you to place your phone or tablet to keep yourself entertained while having your workout session. 

Best part of all, the pedal of our home spin bike comes with a protective cover to keep your feet in place especially during high speed paddling time. It also comes along with a water bottle holder to keep you refreshed through your entire exercise routine. 


  • HEAVY-DUTY – Made from premium-quality steel material, our fitness bike is highly sturdy and durable, easily withstand for years even when use regularly. It also comes with a strong load bearing can support weight capacity of user up to 280 pounds, making it suitable for most adults.

  • ADJUSTABLE – The seats and handle bar of this workout stationary bike are adjustable so you don’t have to worry whether the seating or handling position will suit to your preferred position. 

  • PORTABLE – Despite it made as a heavy-duty spinning indoor bike, it is extremely lightweight so its easy to move around within your house with the built-in supportive wheel. 


Material: Steel
Dimension(inches): 41.7″(L) * 19.4″(W) * 46.1″(H)
Product Weight: 59.5lbs
Weight Capacity: 280lbs
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Stationary Exercise Spinning Bike
  • 1x Installation Manual Guide Book


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