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Premium Reclining Swivel Massage Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support




Looking for a gaming chair with massage features? Here’s the exciting news, our gaming chair is definitely worth the investment for people who spend long hours sitting in front of a computer screen. Specifically, this gaming chair is designed to address poor sitting habits and teach you how to sit with correct posture. Hence, the main secret of the backrest and lumbar support is that they are good and comfortable for your back. 

Our ergonomic gaming chair comes with a lumbar cushion that is capable of providing a comfortable massaging experience to alleviate your waist muscle fatigue. Additionally, it comes with an extra power bank pocket that makes it convenient to store your power bank.

This gaming chair features an ultra-wide seat, capable of accommodating different people. Plus, the seat can be adjusted to everyone’s desired height based on individual requirements. Furthermore, the 360° swivel seat allows the user to easily turn in all directions.

It takes less time to find the most comfortable angle you prefer. This is because adjustable backrests, within the range of 90° to 180°, can be adjusted. You can either sit upright to keep a correct posture or lay there just for a relaxing rest. Only need to press the angle adjustment lever up and down to adjust and fix the backrest.


  • HIGH-DENSITY SPONGE & SOFT UPHOLSTERY – Filled with a high resilience sponge inside, this gaming chair shall take the softness to the next level. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable from long periods of sitting.
  • WIDE USAGE IN DIFFERENT OCCASIONSNot only is it a professional gaming chair that serves to help gamers be immersed in playing games, but it is used as an office chair to strike a perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics. This gaming chair will make a difference in either your life or work, suitable for various occasions.


Material: Faux Leather with Sponge and Iron
Dimension: 29″(L) * 29″(W) * 50″ – 54″ (H)
Item Net Weight: 40 Ibs
Seat Size: 21″(L) * 20.5″(D)
Backrest Size: 21.5″(L) * 32.5″(W)
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Red
  • White
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Massage Gaming Chair
  • 1x User Manual Guide


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