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Premium Portable Hunters Hang-On Self Climbing Tree Stand


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Whether you are new to tree stand hunting or it has been a while since your last tree stand purchase, this will be the perfect deer hunting hang on tree stand for you!  


Our elevated self climbing deer stands put hunters above a deer’s normal field of view, giving lock-on tree stand hunters like yourself a distinct advantage over those hunting from the ground. Hunting from our hang on tree stand also gives you a better overall view of the surrounding area that you might never have even seen hunting at ground level.

That is why professional hunters says this is the best climbing tree stand to succeed in their hunt. Our tree lounge stands are a great solution for both experienced hunters and beginners to wait a long time comfortably and to get aim well.


  • COMFORTABLE – The well-padded seat on this hunter stand ensures you’ll stay in the woods longer, increasing your chances at putting venison in the freezer. A comfortable stand with lots of padding will allow you to sit in your stand for longer periods of time. And that’s right where you need to be if you really want to punch your tag.
  • SAFE AND SECURE – This climbing stand has a 300-pound weight capacity combining the weight of you and your hunting equipment, so it will work even for plus-size hunters. Equipped with rugged straps, this tree-stand grips securely to any type of tree hence you do not have to worry if the tree will ever break down.  

  • DURABLE AND VERSATILE – Made with premium quality powder-coated steel construction, the whole piece of this deer stand is highly durable and can withstand constant use for years. Each components of the self-climbing tree stand is welded together to ensure powerful strength for constant use.


Material: Powder-Coated Steel Construction 
  • Platform Size: 25″ * 18″ (Foot Platform) 
  • Seat Size: 10″ * 12″ (Foam Cushion Seat)
Weight Capacity: 300 LBS
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Portable Hunters Hang-On Self Climbing Tree Stand
  • 1x User Manual Guide Book


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