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Premium Portable Home Countertop Ice Maker Machine Blue Red Turquoise




Summertime is finally here! That means lots of drinks and fun out with the family. However, hot drinks are no good especially when the weather is super outside. Our exclusive countertop ice maker was specially designed to quickly provide round ice round cubes to make those drinks more enjoyable.

To make sure you enjoy your summertime, the portable ice maker is quipped with advanced technology and it can rapidly produce ice cubes within ten minutes with a press of a single button. Besides, the portable ice machine can produce up to nine chewable ice cubes at a time while ensuring that there is no overflow of ice.

The portable ice maker is extremely safe to use to create ice cubes for consumption. Made out of approved food grade materials, our home ice maker does not emit any harmful when used, keeping you and your loved ones safe from any harm.

Best part of all, the countertop ice machine comes with a transparent lid so that you can watch the ice-making process without a hassle. Stay cool and fresh all summer-long by producing a bunch of ice cubes with the ice cube maker.

Additionally, the portable round ice maker has 6 unique colors that allows you to choose the ice maker to your own liking!


  • RAPID COOLING – Within 6 minutes, the small ice maker can product multiple ice cubes ready for use. Additionally, the ice cube maker contains a special condenser inside which helps get rid of heat faster after continuous use, maintaining the countertop ice machine to have a longer life-span.
  • PORTABLE – Despite being loaded with power, the countertop ice maker weighs less than 17lbs, making it extremely easy to carry around – the best feature. Moreover, It can also fit inside small storage bags and countertops for a better ice making experience.
  • USER-FRIENDLY – Using the clear ice maker is an extremely easy task and does not require any experience. Once the portable ice machine is filled up with water (max storage capacity is 2.2L), simply plug it in and turn it on.


Material: ABS, Copper
Dimension: 10″(L) x 14″(D) x 13″(H)
Net Weight: 17lbs / 7.7kg
Water Tank Capacity: 2.2 Liters
Ice Storage Capacity: 0.7kg / 70 piece
Ice Shape: Bullet-Shaped Ice
Inlet Mode: Manual Water
Operating Cycle: 6-13 Minutes
Ice Production Per Cycle: 9 Pieces
Power: 105W
  • Turquoise
  • Red
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • White
Package Includes:
  • 1x Countertop Ice Maker
  • 1x Manual Guide Book


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