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Premium Portable Cinema 4K HD Tripod Projector Screen W/ Stand




Looking for your first projector screen or an upgraded version so you can enjoy a movie on a giant screen? Worry no more, our 4k projector screen comes with a tripod that offers easy portability and stability. This tripod projector screen sits securely on its stand, and stands firmly planted, whether on the floor or lawn.

With the 4K HD visual quality and 16:9 aspect ratio, this portable movie screen creates an immersive experience for you. In addition, the screen is made of premium polyester fiber, wrinkle-free, and easy to clean.

This projection screen tripod features a 160-degree viewing angle, ensuring clear projection images from different audience viewing directions. Besides, due to its large screen, there is no resolution loss from any angle.

This tripod stand, built with sturdy aluminum alloy, provides exceptional stability and support to the portable projector screen. And you can adjust the height within 78.7″ to 98.4″ for a better viewing effect.


  • QUICK INSTALLATION – This projection screen stand takes only a few steps to set up, no need for any tools. The tensioning rods make assembling the frame a breeze, and two top clamps can firmly fix the screen.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – The upper and lower frames of this projector screen can be folded into four sections, respectively, convenient for space-saving storage.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE – Our brilliant projection screen is the most compact and travel-friendly option for indoor and outdoor projection. It is perfect for home cinema, business meetings, weddings, classroom training, outside camping, etc.


Material: Polyester with Aluminum Alloy
  • 70 Inch: 63″(W) * 37.4″(H)
  • 90 Inch: 78.7″(W) * 44.5″(H)
  • 110 Inch: 96.1″(W) * 53.9″(H)
Item Net Weight:
  • 70 Inch: 16.5 Ibs
  • 90 Inch: 20.1 Ibs
  • 110 Inch: 26.7 Ibs
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Screen Resolution: 4K HD
Viewing Angle: 160 Degrees
Stand Ty[e: Tripod
Stand Height: 78.7″ – 98.4″
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Portable Screen
  • 1x Tripod Stand

70 Inch

90 Inch

110 Inch


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