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Premium Outdoor Dual Chamber Composting Tumbler Bin


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Want to get a good composter but your backyard doesn’t have much space for it? Don’t let small spaces keep you away from having freshly made compost for your plants!

Conventional composters is bulky, unlike our dual chamber composting bin is designed to be the right size for tight spaces and are meant to generate a constant source of compost anywhere!

This outdoor compost bin has a large dual chamber with internal mixing bars, these two chambers allow you to add compost ingredients to one side while waiting for the other side to compost.

With the internal mixing bars that build inside the body, it creates efficient aeration that speeds up the decomposition process, you can now obtain rich, nutritious compost from this compost tumbler in just four to six weeks which is fast and simple.

Our compost tumbler is made by using BPA free, UV protected Polypropylene. Not only does it hold up under hot sunlight, but it also will never let any harmful toxins go into your valuable compost.

In Addition, the galvanized steel frame is corrosion-resistant, so your newly composters can stay outdoors in rain, snow, heat, or cold without any issue. The best part of all, you will get a pair of heavy-duty gardening gloves for FREE!


  • HEXAGON DESIGN – The hexagon design is the simple way to get perfectly high nutritious compost without having to dig or mix it with your hand. All you have to do is just close the easy sliding door and rotate it for better mixing of your compost.

  • AERATION SYSTEM – Despite the large space, our tumbler compost bin has an aeration system that greatly speeds up the composting process which allows gardeners to generate more compost in a short amount of time.

  • EASY TO USE – Our tumbler compost bin is here to make composting easy. Loading and unloading the compost chambers is effortless with the easy to grip handles, making it simple to operate for gardeners at any age or experience level.


  • Body: UV Protected Polypropylene
  • Frame: Powder Coated Stainless Steel
Assembled Product Dimension(inches): 25.6″(L) * 32.3″(W) * 23.6″(H)
Assembled Item Net Weight: 18 LBS
Assembly Required Yes
Shape: Hexagon
Color: Black
Capacity: 37 Gallon
Products Includes:
  • 1x Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler
  • 1x Heavy-Duty Gardening Gloves


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