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Premium Ice Cream Maker Homemade Soft Serve Machine




Letting a spoonful of smooth, sweet ice cream melt in your mouth is wonderful—but the satisfaction of having made it yourself makes the experience transcendent!

Transforming different ingredients into your comfort frozen treats might seem like magic, but all you need is our premium homemade ice cream maker. From creamy gelato and ice cream to fruity sorbet, make sweet memories in your kitchen with our premium ice cream maker! From mix-ins, to fresh fruit or chocolate, the flavor combinations are endless!

Our home soft serve machine can transform the kitchen into your favorite scoop shop with the ease of turning a knob. The 3 distinct adjustable modes built in our ice cream maker provides flexibility in choosing your ideal dessert type. It also comes with a keep cool function to ensure the perfect taste, texture and consistency in your homemade gelato, ice cream, or milkshake – anytime and anywhere.

Satisfaction comes with health benefits as you enjoy making various types of ice cream with our homemade ice cream maker. Have fun making multiple batches of smooth, soft serve treats with your own choice of fresh ingredients with a cost effective ice cream appliance such as our ice cream maker machine. 

Making ice cream at home is made easy with our lightweight ice cream machine as it comes with three simple modes for you to choose from. You can now experiment different ice cream recipes at home and create unique flavors with our easy-to-use ice cream maker machine. As it is a DIY kitchen appliance, it is also a great value for money since you can control your own budget in making your own soft serve desserts.

Made to make your dessert-making days easier, our electric ice cream making machine has a multitude of functions to serve your basic needs and more. Even though our home ice cream machine is powered by electricity, it is energy saving. It is easy to operate and quick cooling, saving you a lot of time making consecutive ice cream batches on a hot day with lots of guests coming over.


  • 3 IN 1 ICE CREAM MAKER – Our ice cream machine is equipped with 3 operation modes to cater to your desired preferences. You can switch between the modes (mixing only, cooling only and ice cream) by adjusting the control knob as needed.
  • ISOTHERMAL FUNCTION – To ensure the dessert is ready to eat anytime, our gelato machine has a Keep Cool Function that will automatically start every 10 minutes and cool for 10 minutes if the ice cream is not eaten or stored in time. Another plus point is that it will shut off automatically after 10 short beeps when it’s finished.
  • DURABLE – Equipped with built-in with both compressor and motor self-protection, our durable soft serve ice cream machine provides you a long service time.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – Our lightweight ice cream maker‘s smooth surface is effortless to wipe down, and it’s outfitted with removable parts and a spoon for fuss-free scooping, storage, and cleaning.


Material: ABS
Dimension(inches):  14″(L) * 10″(W) * 9″(H)
Item Net Weight: 16.53 LBS
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Silver
  • White
Power: 100KW/h
Voltage: 120V
Frequency: 60Hz
Cord Length: 48″
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Ice Cream Maker
  • 1x Ice Cream Spoon
  • 1x Manual Instruction Guide


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