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Premium Full Body Massage Heating Mat with Shiatsu Neck Massager


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Do you feel tired and suffer from muscle spasms regularly after a long day? Do you also know that one of the best way to help you relax and relieve muscle tensions is having regular massage? With the features of our full body massage mat, you can now enjoy massages to relief muscle soreness and even boost up your daily mood anytime and anywhere you want.

Our massage pad with heat offers 3 massage intensities and 5 vibration modes to help you loosen up your body and promote blood circulation. The massage functions of the massage mat are located at neck, back, lumbar and leg position. This feature allows user to choose the massage function independently at each position. For instance, it can be used as just neck massager or full body massage.

Designed with the combination of heating function that can be also used independently, our massage pad offers a next level experience that helps you sleep better. Adding on with the soft flannelette material and uniquely designed pillow, the massage mat is considerable as the best comfortable massage mat.

Beside having shiatsu neck massager, our massage mattress is flexible and convenient as you can use it anywhere you find comfortable. The foldable and portable design allows you to carry or store the shiatsu neck and back massager anywhere easily enabling you to a full body massage anytime you desire. Our massage mat is a popular and the perfect gift for family and friends as it benefits all consumers.


  • 3 GEAR STRENGTH WITH 5 MODES – This massage pad with heat has 3 intensity levels and 5 vibration modes and is controllable through a user-friendly remote control panel. It allows you to customize the massage area as you desire. Adding with a vibrating pad that is super-comfortable, this massager helps you relief from muscle sore, cramps and nerve pain effectively.

  • INDEPENDENT HEATING FUNCTION – Our massage mat is equipped with 8 vibration motors with 3 heating plates, and 4 kneading massage bands with heating function on the neck area. These functions are selective and promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue that helps you to have better rest.

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE – Not only can be used on a mattress or sofa, the flexibility of our massage mat allows you to use it anywhere you want. It can be used as a neck massager, back massager or full body massager meanwhile at anywhere you enjoy such as sofa, recliner, in bed or on the floor to relieve stress or aching muscles.

  • HIGH QUALITY FLANNELETTE MATERIAL – Our calming heat and massage pad is built with soft and skin-friendly flannelette, and equipped with a thickened pillow. Not only can this feature makes it more comfortable and cozy, it also gives a luxurious feel making it suitable and a popular choice as a gift too. 

  • FOLDABLE AND CONVENIENT – The foldable design of our massage mat enables you to carry anywhere easily so that you can also enjoy regular massage experience even when you travel away from home on any circumstances.


Material: Flannelette
Overall Dimensions: 65.5″(L) * 21.5″(W) * 8″(H)
Folding Dimensions: 22″(L) * 16.5″(W) * 8″(H)
Item Net Weight: 7 LBS
Adaptor: DC 12V / 2.5A
Power Cord Length: 71″
Input Voltage Range: 12V
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Full Body Massage Heating Mat with Shiatsu Neck Massager
  • 1x Power Adaptor
  • 1x Manual Instruction Guide


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