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Premium Fast Heating 1500W Baseboard Electric Heater W/ Remote Control


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Looking for an electric heater to keep yourself warm during the cold season? Are you tired of looking at the bulky old fashioned radiator heaters inside your home which always take forever to warm up?

Get yourself a baseboard electric heater to quickly warm up your entire room. Our electric heater was designed to create a warm and comfy environment for you and your guests throughout the whole day at almost anywhere anytime.

This baseboard heater does not just equip with plenty of features, it is also extremely quiet! You can power on for a long time even while you sleep, so you don’t have to worry about loud noises coming out from the heater. Apart from that, our electric heater is way less expensive and it is the most efficient compared to other types of heaters.

In the winter season or cold weather, clothes always take a long time to dry. Using tumble dryers to dry your clothes will not just damage the clothes, it also uses up a lot of electricity.

At this moment, all you need is just a baseboard heater like this to speed up the drying process without worrying about your electric bill. While drying clothes, our portable electric heater can rapidly warm the entire room, which incredibly reduces the waste of energy.


  • ULTRAFAST HEATING AND DUAL HEATING POWER – Our baseboard heaters are available in 750W and 1500W, it allows you to adjust them according to your needs. Those wide air outlets and inlet can make the airflow rapidly to achieve the purpose of ultrafast heating.  

  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE AND TIMER FUNCTION – These portable heaters are designed to be adjusted freely between 48°F to 98°F to meet different sizes of rooms or your heating needs. Additionally, the 0 to 24 hours timer function can be set automatically to shut down at any time you wanted, which greatly reduces the waste of electricity.

  • THREE SAFETY PROTECTION – To reduce unwanted risks, the portable electric heater comes with three safety features. The heater will automatically stop heating when it is dumped. And the overheat protection was designed to greatly reduce the risks of fire. Lastly, the child lock can prevent the baby from changing the settings randomly.

  • SLEEK REMOTE CONTROL AND TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL – Equipped with wireless sleek remote control, which is easy for you to control and adjust the temperature from a distance. Again, the built-in touch screen is simple to use and has a clear display of the temperature and room temperature for you to adjust as needed.

  • SILENT AND EASY OPERATION – This electric heater produces warm air at a low noise level, so it will not disturb your sleep. It also doesn’t reduce humidity in the room, so you won’t feel dry. Furthermore, to quickly obtain a complete heater, only two supporting removable foot mat installations are required, which is very convenient and easy.


  • Stainless Iron
  • Aluminum
Dimension(inches): 40″(L) * 3.5″(W) * 7.5“(H)
 Item Net Weight: 6.5 LBS
Power: 750W / 1500W
Temperature Range: 48°F to 98°F
Color: Black
Operation Mode: Remote Control / Touch
Timing Function: 0-24 Hours
Safety Protection: Dumping / Overheating / Child Lock
Plug: UL Certified Plug
Products Includes:

1x Baseboard Electric Heater
1x Remote Control
1x Manual Guide Book


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