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Premium Combo Standing Upright Rollator Walker With Seat And Brakes





Tired of hunching over due to the back pain you’ve been struggling with for a while now? With our Standing Upright Rollator Walker, you can say goodbye to physical agony and walk confidently again!

Designed to relieve ergonomic stresses, our standing walkers come with armrests that parallels ground-level so you won’t need to feel unnecessary pressure when you walk. Our upright rollator’s armrest is also height adjustable to minimize back and neck pain as it ensures that your body is straight when you walk

Our upright rollator walker has everything you could possibly need on a convenient, leisure stroll. You won’t have to carry your belongings on you anymore as our four wheel walker comes with a spacious shoulder bag and a cane/umbrella holder that is additionally secured by a Velcro hoop.

Need a break from walking? Worry no more as our lightweight rollator also comes with a seat and hand brakes to lock the rear wheels so it doesn’t move when you rest. With this new technology, all you need to do is fold your rolling walker and it transforms into a comfortable chair

With the 10-inch wheels built on our mobility walkers, you could explore multi-terrains with more stability. For effortless maneuver, they could also swivel 360° and handle sharp corners. The sturdiness of our rollator walker’s wheels is also a tip-over prevention as it is able to roll over uneven surfaces with ease


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT DESIGN – With a lightweight design, our foldable stand up walker is convenient for you to take on travels. Apart from that, it is compact and this allows you to fit through doors and navigate through limited spaces. 
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – The padded armrest built in our lightweight walkers is height-adjustable so you can now stand straight with confidence. This levelled system also alleviates the pressure off your shoulders and back. 
  • 10 INCH FRONT WHEELS – The 10 inch front wheels attached on our four-wheel walker is able to withstand rough terrains due to its sturdy design. The wheels are able to universally swivel 360° ensuring  agility in mobility. Additionally, they prevent tip-over accidents.
  • COMFORTABLE BACKREST – Designed with foldable technology, our rollator with seat provides long-lasting comfort when folded into a chair if you ever need a break from walking. For extra security, the handbrakes attached to the armrest will prevent the chair from moving unnecessarily by locking the front wheels.
  • DURABLE – Despite its lightweight design, our rollator walker with seat is designed to endure weight up to 300 LBS so it is sturdy and won’t easily break under pressure. 


Material: Aluminum
Dimension(inches): Refer To The Picture Below
Item Net Weight: 26 LBS
Weight Capacity 300 LBS
  • Grey
  • White
  • Red
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Combo Standing Upright Rollator Walker With Seat And Brakes
  • 1x Removable Nylon Bag
  • 1x Cane/Umbrella Holder
  • 1x Manual Instruction Guide



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