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Premium 5 Tiers Vertical Raised Garden Bed Plant Stand


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Are you looking for an object that can serve many purposes? Our plant stands not only serve as pieces of artwork in the home by adding a tasteful touch to the energy of a room. But also the main goal of this plant shelf is to get the plant off the floor and onto an elevated surface of its own by making sure to keep it clean. This plant stand provides ample space for your various plants, with five platforms in five tiers. 

Our plant stand comes with a vertical design to eliminate the constant bending required for plantation work, particularly for those with hip or back issues. It can also save a significant amount of space to fit well in your patio balcony, deck or backyard. 

Our outdoor plant shelf comes with a stepped water drainage system that ensures all plants get enough sunlight and a balanced amount of moisture. Additionally, a root tray riser and multiple drainage holes ensure continuous water and nutrient supply. 

With a stable triangle structure, this plant table ensures maximum stability for the weight of the pot, the plant, the water, and the soil. The planter pots are made from food-grade PP material, which is durable and waterproof for long-term use.


  • SUFFICIENT SPACE – Totally 5 plant beds are removable for various rearrangement and repotting. The garden bed is perfect for various flowers, herbs, seeds, succulents or even tropical plants. 
  • EASY ASSEMBLE – The connecting form of planter beds with frames is designed to free of tools for much convenience. What’s more, the iron pipes can also be connected in an extremely simple way.


Material: Iron with PP
Dimension: 22.5″(L) * 27″(W) * 45″(H)
Item Net Weight: 18 Ibs
Distance of Each Layer: 9″
Single Pot Dimension: 19.5″(L) * 7.5″(W) * 6″(H)
Maximum Weight of Each Layer: 22 Ibs
Package Include:
  • 1x Premium 5 Tiers Plant Stand
  • 1x User Manual Guide


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