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Premium 24 Inch Compost & Peat Moss Spreader Iron Lawn Garden Spreader


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Looking for a garden tool helper? Our peat moss spreader is featured with a 24-inch barrel, which makes it easy to use, especially with the lawn roller that will help with any topdressing material to flourish your lawn and garden effortlessly. It will help you to improve the germination rate of grass seed when you incorporate it into your soil.  

If you intend to find a desirable tool to culture your lawn, this compost spreader is a perfect option. Its 2/5″ x 3/5″ diamond-shaped holes allow for uniform distribution.

It is very simple to adjust the length of this peat moss spreader. Its design can save you from bending over for a long duration of time.

This sturdy iron barrel won’t dent or deform easily. Our soil spreader’s powder-coated finish ensures long-lasting service against all weathers, rust, and corrosion. Two flat locks are sturdy enough to stay closed while rolling to spread compost.


  • SIMPLE APPLICATION – For this soil spreader, it’s pretty simple to use: install it first; then fill it with compost; then lock the latches; then you’re ready to go.
  • PVC GRIPS – There are two grips on either end of the handle. With its non-slip and ergonomic design, this top dressing spreader is super labor-saving and makes the whole process more efficient.
  • WIDE USES – Our manure spreader distributes compost, manure, dirt, peat moss, and other fertilizers evenly. You will be happy to see a lush lawn and garden.


Material: Premium Iron with PVC 
Dimension: 47.2″(L) * 27.5″(W)
Item Net Weight: 19.4 Ibs
Mesh Hole Size: 2/5″ * 3/5″
Adjustable Handle Length: 24.4″ / 28.5″
Package Includes:
  • 1x Premium Mesh Basket
  • 1x Pole
  • 1x U-Shaped Pole
  • 1x Hardware Pack


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