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Premium 1400W Pond & Pool Vacuum Cleaner Single Chamber Suction System


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Are you looking for the best and easier way to keep your pond clean? Wait no further with our pond vacuum, you can conveniently and effectively remove harmful bacteria all year around. As well, you can easily and quickly assemble and operate it. You can easily clean your pond effortlessly without any issues. 

This pool vacuum comes with a 1400W powerful motor, which makes our pond vacuum cleaner effective and fast at clearing debris and decaying organic matter. Most importantly, it will help to reduce back injury.

Our handheld pond vacuum comes with 4 attachments for cleaning ponds and pools in various situations. Nozzles range from cleaning small seams to flat surfaces, even stubborn stains, and algae on the bottom.

By pressing the button, you can change the function of this portable pond vacuum according to your needs. Position O is switched off; Position I is continuous dry vacuum use; Position II is continuous pond vacuum use.


  • FULL ACCESSORIESThis pond vacuum comes with accessories that allow you to leave small mud and dirt in the filter bag while larger sundries will be gathered in the debris collection bag. Moreover, the longer 15 ft power cable is much more secure and wear-proof.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – According to the instruction, you can assemble the small pond vacuum in order without extra tools. Moreover, it can also be disassembled to meet your different needs.
  • USE IN ANYWHERE – The water-tech pool blaster can be used in ponds, swimming pools, homes, and vehicles. You will find that it has never been easier to clean your pond.


Material: PP with ABS
Dimension: 13.4″ * 13.8″
Power: 1400W
Voltage: 120 V
Capacity: 30L
Suction: ≥17 Kpa
Power Cable Length: 15ft /4.5m
Inlet Tube Length: 157″ / 4m
Drain Hose Length: 79″ / 2m
Head Height: 6.3″
Package Include:
  • 1x Heavy Duty 1400W Dual Use Vacuum
  • 1x Debris Collection Bag
  • 1x Filter Bag
  • 1x Inlet Tube
  • 1x Drain Hose
  • 4x Extended Tube
  • 4x Swivel Wheel
  • 4x Nozzle


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