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Powerful Dual Quartz Radiant Infrared Portable Electric Space Heater


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Looking for a convenient portable heater to keep you warm this frosty season? Our powerful dual quartz radiant infrared portable electric space heater has just that to offer!

Our infrared space heater is the perfect embodiment of convenience in functionality. Built to accommodate to your mobility preference, our lightweight home heating device could provide you warmth wherever you go. You can also swiftly heat up your personal spaces as it has a fast-heating system.

With 2 heat settings, you could effortlessly set our quartz heater to your preferred temperature according to the environmental condition. Other perks engineered into our indoor heating system includes tip-over safety feature and overheating protection. Contributing to those golden features, you can easily carry it anywhere as it has a built in handle and is very discreet.


Our quiet space heater provides comfort and the warmth this chilly season as it also comes with automatic thermostat that saves you the worry of regulating the temperature. With our infrared quartz heater’s detailed design, you will experience the peaceful sleep you’ve always longed for


  • PORTABLE – Our indoor electric heater is designed to be lightweight so you can conveniently place it wherever you want. Apart from that, the integrated handle makes it easy to carry.
  • SAFE HEATING – Our electric infrared heater comes with high-quality quartz element heating system. This means that there is no harmful byproducts such as odors, chemicals or vapor present. In contrast to the fans usually built in heaters, the infrared heating technology won’t stir up dust. 
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – You are now able to adjust the heating power without difficulty on our indoor space heater as it only comes in two settings. Due to this, it also indirectly saves cost so you won’t have to worry about your electricity bills spiking up.
  • AUTOMATIC THERMOSTAT – The automatic thermostat system our portable infrared heater has eliminates noise pollution as compared to traditional heaters. Apart from that, the thermostat also retains temperature regularity so it will still provide you the desired amount of warmth as time passes by. You can leave it running quietly in the background without distraction.
  • OVERHEAT AND TIP-OVER PROTECTION – With this overheat and tip-over protection feature, our portable infrared heater safeguards your pets and family members. Its automated safety feature to prevent fires prods the system to shut down when faced with potential overheating or overturning situations.


Material: Metal & ABS
Dimension(inches): 11″(L) * 6.7″(W) * 22.4″(H)
Item Net Weight: 8.8 LBS
  • Black
Power Source: Electric
Voltage Rating: 120 V (60Hz)
Package Includes:
  • 1x Powerful Dual Quartz Radiant Infrared Portable Electric Space Heater
  • 1x Manual Instruction Guide


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