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Outboard Remote Control Box 8m0059686 Mercury Console Oem Binnacle Top Mount


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  • Smooth Forward & Reverse: Moving the lever forward from the neutral position can engage a forward gear, and pulling the lever back from neutral engages the reverse gear. The engine will continue to run at idle until the lever is moved about 32°. Then, move the control lever farther to open the throttle, and the engine will begin to accelerate.
  • Durable Trim Harness: The control cable features high-temperature resistance, thermoplastic insulation, and remarkable color coding. The harness contains a trim/tilt switch connector and neutral switch wires connector. A serviceable cord facilitates remote power use.
  • Ergonomic Designs: The power trim and tilt system can adjust the outboard motor angle. Press the switch “up,” the outboard motor tilts and goes up; Press the switch “down,” and the outboard motor tilts and goes down. And set the control lever to neutral, push the free accelerator button, and rotate the control lever. The throttle can be opened without shifting into any gear.
  • Reasonable Designs: The outboard remote control’s structure is very stable and practical. There is a control lever, durable grip, friction adjustment knob, trim and tilt switch, a control lever for smooth reverse and forward, and various accessories to complete the work efficiently.
  • Wide Compatibility: The remote boat throttle control is compatible with the Mercury outboard, designed for both shift and throttle, which can be actuated by operating a remote control lever. It is widely used in yachts for controlling your boat at ease.
Model 8M0059686
Compatible with Mercury
Type Boat Throttle Control
Features Top Control Type


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