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Murphy Wall Bed Springs Mechanism Hardware Kit White Durable King Or Queen Size


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  • Vertical Design: Designed with a vertical wall bed construction, it is space-saving and suitable for the queen or king-sized beds. Compatible with 47-70 inch/1.2-1.8 m width bed. Help extra space and create more beds for friends or guests. In addition, it is easy to clean up the bottom ash or garbage when you fold up the bed.
  • Superior Rebound Force: There are 9 large springs in the kit, which support the invisible bed to fold up and down, which is strong enough and not easy to break. One person can effortlessly fold-out or up the bed with a bearing capacity and better pull strength.
  • High-Quality Material: The wall bed mechanical hardware kit is manufactured with high-quality weighted iron + sturdy stainless steel for durability and a high load capacity of 992 lbs/ 450 kg. It will not rust or break easily. The bed can be smoothly rolled in and rolled out with a durable copper axis.
  • Instant Installation: 1. Pull out the U-shaped buckle and divide the spring. 2. Install the box plate and install the spring part. 3. Link two parts. 4. Rotate the bed open again and insert the U-shaped buckle into the eyelet. You can adjust the number of springs to change tightness.
  • Infinite Convenience: This queen-size murphy bed is convenient and is ideal for home or tiny rooms, like lofts, single apartments, modern hotels, etc. It can solve crowded and messy problems; Meanwhile, it is comfortable accommodation for relatives and friends.
Color White
Material Iron + Stainless Steel
Compatible Bed Size 1.2-1.8 M Width(King or Queen Size)
Murphy Bed Type Vertical
Bearing Capacity 992 lbs/ 450 kg
Spring Mechanism Dimension 13.4 x 8 inch/ 340 x 205 mm
Leg Dimension 14 x 10 x 0.8 inch/ 355 x 255 x 20 mm
Weight 24.2 lbs/ 11 kg


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