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Lldpe Pond Liner Pond Liners 15×20 Ft 20 Mil Fish Liner Fish Pond Liner For Pond


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  • LLDPE Material: The pond liner is made of LLDPE material, pro-environmentally, sunlight-proof, weather-proof. It can restrain the penetration of harmful substances into the pond and give your fish and plants a secure living environment.
  • 20 Mil Thickness: This small pond liner is strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, more durable, tear-proof, and puncture-proof. In addition, good waterproof performance can effectively retain the water in your pond.
  • Flexible & Pliable: The fish pond liner has good flexibility, easy to bend and fold. You can cut it in various shapes to fit all irregular surfaces(e.g., waterfalls). For better flexibility, you are recommended to lay the liner under the sun for 10 to 15 min before use.
  • Aging-proof & Durable: Our waterfall liner is designed with excellent durability, high tensile, and impact strength. The size of 15 ft x 20 ft is ideal for small ponds. The lifespan can live up to 50 years without any exposure, and it can also last for ten years under intense sunlight.
  • Wide Application: This large pond liner is a perfect choice for agricultural or home use, such as water garden, fish pond, backyard waterfall, golf course, artificial lake, riverway, aquaculture farm, sloping side, rooftop, etc.
Material LLDPE
Color Black
Size 15 ft x 20 ft / 4.6 m x 6 m
Thickness 20 Mil / 0.5 mm
Lifespan 10-50 years


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