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Lathe Chuck K72-125 5″ 4 Jaw Independent Milling Machine Cast Iron Internal Jaw


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  • Premium Material: Diameter: 5 inch / 125 mm. The 4-jaw mini lathe chuck body is made of cast iron that has passed rigorous quality tests. It has high strength and toughness, compression resistance and durability, and long service life.
  • Reversible Jaw Set: The lathe chuck is equipped with 3 inward stepped jaws that can be stepped inward or outward to hold raw materials of different shapes. The high precision design of the chuck bevel gear guarantees the accuracy of the chuck operation.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The T shape chuck key of the lathe part allows the installation of various workpieces. And effortless operation reduces changeover time for your convenience. Internal Jaw Clamping Range: 0.276″-2.244″ / 7-57 mm. External Jaw Clamping Range: 1.89″-4.92″ / 48-125 mm.
  • High Precision: The 4-jaw lathe chuck works accurately, bearing tolerance is of ≤ 0.003 inch / 0.07 mm to ensure satisfying metal processing. The accessory screws make the scroll chuck highly adaptable and can be used with the same series of jaws as the chuck.
  • Remarkable Versatility: This 4-jaw independent metal lathe chuck has a compact construction. It is suitable for installation on multiple kinds of metal lathe chuck and clamping workpieces of various shapes.
Chuck Body Material Cast Iron
Color Silver
Jaws Material 40CR Steel
Bevel Gear Material 40CR Steel
Pinions Material 20CR Steel
Chuck Diameter 4.92″ / 125 mm
Center Hole 1.2″ / 30 mm
Circle Diameter 4.3″ / 108 mm
Internal Jaw Clamping Range 0.276″-2.244″ / 7-57 mm
External Jaw Clamping Range 1.89″-4.92″ / 48-125 mm
Tolerance ≤ 0.003″ / 0.07 mm
Accuracy 0.002″ / 0.051 mm
Maximum Speed 3000 RPM
Item Weight 10.9 lbs / 4.92 kg
Package Dimensions (L x W x H) 5.9″ x 5.5″ x 3.93″ / 15 x 14 x 10 cm


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