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Large Indoor Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage House 3ft – 5 Colors




Every living things even rabbits needs a comfortable bunny house that can provide tons of space to exercise with good air ventilation. Whether your rabbit is one of the lazy types of one that just can’t stop moving around, our rabbit hutch will be perfect for it!

Our outdoor rabbit hutch features a sloped asphalt roof, a cozy retreat room, and ample roaming space combines ventilation with protection, which provides a safe house for 2 or 3 bunnies to live a long, comfy and happy life against predators.

Besides, the indoor rabbit hutch is connected with a nonslip ramp, the upper level with a private sleeping room, and the mesh-surrounded lower run with an open bottom allow your pets to roam upstairs or downstairs, play in the sun or in the shade for ideal comfort.

Best part of all, the materials used to design our rabbit cage are very durable and would make a wonderful home for our rabbits or other pet such as tortoise and guinea pigs. Give your pets a brand new home which they can fall in love with!


  • DURABLE & WEATHERPROOF – Crafted from solid pinewood and coated with an ultra-durable, waterproof and pet-safe stain, the sturdy indoor/outdoor rabbit cottage protects your small furry friends from inclement weather for a long-lasting service.
  • SAFE – The heavy duty galvanized wire of this rabbit hutch helps keep rabbits in and the predators out. Let it be indoor or outdoor, you can just sit back and watch your pets play in the bunny house at ease.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Our bunny house has a two-story design that allows pet to roam freely for ideal comfort. It is matched with a 2.7 oz water bottle for simple water supply. The ventilated mesh walls are easy for food feeding, promoting owner-pet interaction.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & ACCESS – Equipped with impermeable pull-out metal tray, a hinged roof, and an outside access door with metal slide latch make the modern rabbit cage effortless to clean thoroughly while helping you take out or put in the tiny baby simply.


Main Material: Pinewood + Asphalt + Galvanized Mesh
Net Weight: 27.56lbs / 12.5kg
Overall Dimension: 35.43”L x 17.91”W x 31.69”H
Inner Dimensions of Upper Room: 31.30”L x 14.96”W x 16.73”H
Lower Run Dimensions: 32.68”L x 15.94”W x 13.38”H
Dimensions of Inner Open Entrance: 7.28”W x 8.15”H
Door Dimensions: 10.71”W x 13.19”H
Ramp Dimensions: 23.62”L x 5.51”W
Tray Dimensions: 31.10”L x 15.51”W
Tray Max Capacity (Load): 22lbs / 10kg
Assembly Required: Yes
  • Grey
  • Wood
  • Red
  • White
  • Black + Dark Grey
Package Includes:
  • 1x 2-Tiers Rabbit Cage
  • 1x Manual Guide Book


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