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Ladder Aide Extension Ladder Leveler 23.4×7.6-incha-pro Leveling Tool For Stair


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  • Sturdy & Security: Powder-coated finish, provide corrosion and wear resistance, sturdy carbon steel material, stable as rock, skid resistance surface and non-slip mat prevent falling, provide maximum security.
  • Work on Stairs: Hanging pictures, changing lights, painting on the wall is no longer a challenging job, ladder extender makes the work a breeze.
  • High Compatibility: Suitable for any two-foot stair ladder, such as Extension Ladders, Straight Ladders, Telescopic Ladders, etc.
  • Standard Size: Base width x Foot length:23”(590mm) x 7.7”(196mm); Micro adjustable:1/8” (3.2mm); Step rise:13.4”-19”(340mm-485mm)
  • Assemble in Minutes: Express installation by the mounting pin with galvanized chain, No complicated installation required on your ladder, save your time.
Type A-PRO
Material Carbon Steel + Powder Coated
Max. Foot Length 7.6”
Max. Base Width 23.4”
Min. Adjustment 1/8″
Adjustable Range 12.25”~19.7”


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